BrainBox is ideas of my Brain:

  • I want to make one SMS Spam Filter Software which is based on JAVA and which work on Symbian, Windows Mobile, Android Operating System.
  1. It can be filter specific ids like: "TD, TA, TM-STOCK" etc.
  2. It could be allowed specific ids like: "TA-Market" etc.
  3. If "TA" is blocked but if you don't want to block TA-Market so it also have that great feature that, it will not block message from TA-Market id.
  4. This SMS Spam Filter have its own sms viewer where you can see your specific filtered sms like your spam free & filtered Inbox, Spam, Sent etc.


  • I want to make one Drupal module which have all specific category with its supported module list like: if i want to build one gallery then it supported module list with its required modules so you dont need to download each module and you can also upload that to directly to your drupal 6 website it will be directly install in to your site like drupal 7 have. 


If you like my BrainBox Ideas or you want to contribute with the projects then please feel free to contact me or send me feedback. 

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